Consular Service Worldwide CSW

Your professional partner for obtaining certifications

On behalf of our clients, we arrange the necessary stamps for documents that are intended for use abroad: certifications, apostilles, embassy legalisations.

We handle the organisation of the entire certification process, including liaising with notaries, the Chamber of Commerce, the Cantonal Chancellery and the Federal Chancellery.

What is a legalisation?
A legalisation or certification is a confirmation from a government authority of the authenticity of a document or the signature on a document.

This kind of certification is required if a document is to be used and considered valid abroad.

What do we offer?
In Switzerland, the certification process varies from canton to canton, from document to document and from region to region. Take advantage of our expertise.

Certified translations: some countries required a certified translation. We work closely with translation agencies to ensure that your documents meet the necessary criteria for certification.

We find the ideal transport method for delivering your document to ensure that it arrives at your chosen address on time. This includes addresses abroad. To achieve this, we work with our network of partners across Switzerland and around the world.

How should I proceed?

  • Send us the original copies of your documents by registered post or courier.
  • Complete the certification order form. Please state the destination country for each document. Provide us with your contact details.
  • We take care of the entire certification process and cover the advance payment of the required fees to the relevant authorities.
  • You will receive your certified documents in a timely manner, delivered to your desired address in Switzerland or abroad.


  • Power of attorney/proxy

  • Extracts from the trademark register (IPI or WIPO)

  • Commercial invoices and certificates of origin

  • Manufacturing licences

  • Deeds of assignment

  • Free Sales Certificates (FSCs) for medical products/Swissmedic

  • Certificates of Pharmaceutical Products (CPPs)/Swissmedic

  • Certification documents (BSI, DEKRA, Bureau Veritas, SGS, Swiss TS, TÜV, Quo Vadis, etc.)

  • European Medicines Agency (EMA) documents

  • Diplomas (equivalence/recognition)

  • Extracts from the register of convictions

  • Certificates of civil status

What benefits do we offer?

  • Network: we are based in the heart of Bern’s embassy district and visit embassies and consulates several times a day. You benefit from our up-to-the-minute information and useful contacts.
  • Experience: we know the details that matter, and how to get results in the simplest way possible.
  • Verification: we check your documents after every step of the certification process.
  • Customer focus: our work is tailored to our clients’ needs.
  • Digitalisation: we are familiar with the requirements for certified electronic signatures and can organise their certification on your behalf.
  • Physical presentation: the little details are often what count. We put together your documents exactly as the authorities require them. Space for stamps, eyelets, coloured paper – we know what is needed.
  • COVID-19: foreign and domestic authorities currently have restricted opening hours, and their guidelines for obtaining certifications and visas change frequently. We take the time-consuming process of clarification off your hands and make use of our network.
  • Simplified invoicing: we cover the advance payment of the relevant fees. The client receives a clear, convenient final invoice.