Consular Service Worldwide CSW

We act as your partner, liaising with both foreign and domestic authorities

Looking to apply for a second passport? Or renew a foreign passport? Do you need to request official forms? We offer you step-by-step support and handle as much of the process as we can for you.


Is your export team in need of short-term support for customs declarations or verifying preferential origin? Or would you prefer to outsource these specialised administrative tasks entirely? Our specialists can handle this for you via our interface.


We adapt flexibly to your needs and offer professional support, based on our specialist expertise and many years of experience working with embassies, consulates, chancelleries, customs authorities and logistics partners.

Give us a call – we would be happy to advise you. We will find a tailor-made solution to meet your individual needs.

Our services

  • Second passport applications for Swiss citizens with dual nationality

  • Passport renewal for foreign passports

  • Customs declarations via e-dec for goods imports and exports, including verification of preferential origin

  • Further issues requiring contact with foreign and domestic authorities

What benefits do we offer?

  • Experience: we know the details that matter, and how to get results in the simplest way possible.

  • Verification: reliable processes – we check your documents after every step.

  • One-to-one support: we support you with filling out the forms, whether online or on paper.

  • Customer focus: our work is tailored to our clients’ needs.

  • COVID-19: foreign and domestic authorities currently have restricted opening hours, and their guidelines relating to international document processing change frequently. We take the time-consuming process of clarification off your hands and make use of our network.
  • Simplified invoicing: we cover the advance payment of the relevant fees. You receive a clear, convenient final invoice.